How do we work? We work with a contract so both parties know what to expect. The first phase of any project is the planning or conceptual phase.

Phase One consists of drafting floor plans for each room; providing a scheme for each room’s overall design consisting of furniture placement and check list for your new furniture or how to incorporate your existing furniture. Also included for each room is color, finishes for walls, flooring, carpet, window treatments etc. Recommendations will be made for lighting and architectural changes or built-ins.

We work on a Design Fee for Phase One. This covers the numerous hours of drawings and plans to make your home, your home. We build a profile for each room with your color preferences, wallpaper, fabrics, carpets, furniture, etc. This will become the budget for your project.

Phase Two consists of purchasing, overseeing and coordinating to completion the items you have selected for each room, i.e. wallpaper, fabrics, carpets, furniture, etc. with our suppliers, contractors and workrooms. Our commission covers our original designs, shopping and selection, billing and delivery/installation supervision. Once a budget is agreed upon, a deposit on account is required from which your purchases will be deducted.